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Other Services Include

2-3 day on-site evaluations followed by a detailed action plan based on our findings. 

Monthly retainer option which provides your company daily / customized RFP resources where "we" do all the work for you. This also includes continued sales / marketing strategy support.    

Attend and participate in RFP meetings and assist in the preparation of the RFP's for submittal.

90 day intense company evaluation, support and analysis.

Executive Search recruiting for judicial specific sales, marketing and IT staff.

Our team of dedicated professionals is well-versed in many specialized areas. We can provide you with a comprehensive sales plan that is highly detailed while offering continued support to implement the ideas we suggest.

CTC also works with both general and limited jurisdiction courts in the recommendation of what technology would be best for their environment. We provide a non-biased 3rd party view on the various tech vendors that you would meet with. We are able to attend/participate in bid meetings, future planning meetings and integration design. 

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 Court Technology Consultants

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